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Why Should You Take Control of Your Client’s ERISA Bonds?

In the last five years the Department of Labor and more specifically the EBSA have been using ERISA Bonds for initial access to a plan before an audit is even thought of. They know that the majority of plans are either not compliant or fall out of compliance due to plan growth. As a value added service to your clients, making sure they are and stay compliant has never been more important. With our direct integration program you can keep your company on the forefront of your client's mind while we do all the back end work.

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Direct Integration to Keep Your Brand Front and Center

Your client’s need to be bonded, but why send them to an outside company to facilitate their needs? With our branded website integration, you can incorporate an added-value service for your customers and keep your company in the forefront. If we need to contact your client for any reason we contact on behalf of your company. You can have direct access to your clients records with our fully transparent system.